Lynch Street
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
"All this is from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ 
and gave us the Ministry of Reconciliation."
2 Corinthians 5:18

Lynch Street
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

Dr. Curtis L. West, Jr. 


TO BE the church that God has called us into existence to be. That is a loving, caring, evangelizing, tithing, fasting, praying, ordinance-attending, God-and-people-serving, disciple-sending, God-praising, Bible-reading, Bible-believing, Bible-living, saved and sanctified church of the Living God.

TO BE a living organism; a healthy church; reaching, teaching, training, discipling part of the body of the Living God; and using our gifts and talents to glorify and magnify His name.

TO BE a church Attracting, Retaining and Mobilizing children, youth, and young adults to become excited and committed church members and officers to carry the work of the church into the future.

TO STEP OUT on the cutting edge of worship and service, and minister to the whole church—every age group, yet maintain the essence of the church and remain CME.

TO REBUILD this church by allowing God to grow our church; by becoming sensitive to what He is trying to do with us, through us and in us. By reclaiming our “delinquent” members, and adding to our membership daily as God sees fit.

TO (RE) OPEN a daycare center for the purpose of assisting parents in providing the necessary nurture and critical care for their children during the tender years of their lives and help provide that solid foundation that all of God’s children need to grow and live full and abundantly.

TO BECOME A TITHING CHURCH so that raffles and other undesired fund-raising efforts may be done away with; so that the church’s budget needs may be met; believing that God will fulfill His promise to open the windows of heaven for us. And by tithing the church will have enough reserve so that the members can have a time of fellowship on a church-sponsored trip or some other event. (Notice this is the total church budget presented for church approval, and not just the conference asking.)

TO BUILD AND REBUILD our fellowship spiritually, financially, and educationally; acquire available land around Lynch Street C.M.E. Church, build a Christian Life Center capable of hosting any event the Fourth Episcopal District has and make it available for community use.

TO USE GOD’S HOUSE to develop ministry and service to the membership and community to the point that we are able to have staff employed full-time and working at the church.

Open the prayer room and make it available for those who wish to pray and have time with the Lord during the day.

Open the clothes closet and food pantry weekly to those who need that assistance. And finally,

TO HAVE FUN worshipping and serving this Great, and Merciful, and Benevolent God who has been so good to us! It is our belief that God wants us to have fun and enjoy ourselves in His presence and in fellowship with each other!

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